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Quality requirements for galvanized wire on wire rod

The galvanized wire is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire rod. What are the requirements for the quality of the wire rod?

The continuous rolling mill rolls are not less than 200kg each, but 15% of each batch is allowed to consist of two, each of which must be no less than 80kg, and 4% of each batch is allowed. The quality of the root rod is less than 200kg, but not less than 40kg. The wire rods rolled by the semi-continuous mill are not less than 60 kg each, and 5% of the disk nitrogen per batch is allowed to have a wire rod mass of less than 60 kg, but not less than 30 kg. The wire should consist of one plate per plate.Our company low price electro galvanized iron wire,And it's of good quality.

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There should be no rust and scale on the surface of the steel wire, and oxidation color is allowed after heat treatment. The surface of the steel wire is allowed to have a scratch that does not exceed half of the allowable deviation of the diameter and a local defect that does not exceed the allowable deviation of the diameter.

For quality qualified raw materials, the mark should be kept for reference when using.

Must galvanizing wire have pickling this link?

A lot of people are not strange to the galvanizing wire and have certain understanding to galvanizing wire, galvanizing can be divided into electroplating wire, hot plating wire and high zinc wire, the thicker the coating, the better the quality of galvanized wire and other common sense. But sometimes we do not understand the market for galvanized wire, such as the market popular galvanized wire are pickling? Does galvanization have to go through the pickling process? When it comes to these problems, we don't know much about them. In fact, strictly speaking, galvanized wire must go through the pickling process, such galvanized wire is not easy to rust and long service life, but many businesses are forced by the pressure of competition, so as to save this link, gradually the market after pickling galvanized wire is less and less. Unless specially requested by customers, few enterprises now carry out the pickling process.

Now the development of interconnection is so fast, people in a step by step to deepen the understanding of galvanized wire, from the beginning of galvanized wire a little understanding, to now go to special detection agencies to detect the thickness of the layer. If the application environment of galvanized wire is very demanding, we hope that the majority of buyers will pay attention to the pickling process of galvanized wire.


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