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Essential features of building galvanized wire

There are many types of galvanized wire in the market. Different types of galvanized wire are also used in various industries. What characteristics and advantages must be possessed during the use of galvanized wire in order to gain a foothold in the market.Our company can provide electro galvanized iron wire,you can buy it.

The galvanized wire is a multi-purpose wire which is formed by low-carbon steel wire through wire drawing, heating, constant temperature, heat preservation and  other processes.Generally normal wire is soft, uniform in flexibility and uniform in color, and is mainly used in construction, chemical, petroleum, mining and other industries.

Advantages of galvanized wire after annealing:

1. Increase the elongation rate of the wire;

2, making the product more flexible, increasing the scope of use;

3, after electro galvanizing ,hot-dip galvanizing, is widely used in various industries;

Galvanized wire in the current market is not only applicable to the construction industry, it is widely used in various industries, has become our indispensable friends!

The galvanized iron wire on the galvanized process can be divided into hot galvanized and cold galvanized two, hot galvanized and cold galvanized process differences are as follows:

1. Corrosion resistance: cold galvanizing performance is slightly worse than hot galvanizing performance;

2. The thickness of galvanized iron wire for construction: the thickness of hot galvanized iron wire shall be thicker than that of cold galvanized iron wire;

3. Zinc amount: the amount of zinc on hot galvanizing is higher than that on cold galvanizing;

4, a galvanized method is different: hot galvanized is also known as hot-dip zinc, is the rust removal workpiece directly immersed in the zinc solution after high temperature melting zinc coating to adhere to corrosion, cold galvanized is the use of electrolysis will adhere to zinc a layer of metal film;

5, the surface smoothness is different: the cold galvanized surface is more smooth and smooth than the hot galvanized surface;

6, hot galvanized must be all galvanized, because it is necessary to dip into the liquid, and cold galvanized can only be coated on one side, relatively simple;

7, the price charge is different, the cold galvanized cost is lower, and hot galvanized higher;

Additional hot galvanizing also can be plated outer layer only, if outside galvanizing steel pipe, can take a measure to seal both ends of the pipe after blocking, immerse in molten zinc fluid to lift again, achieve the purpose of a galvanizing external layer only.


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