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Characteristics and uses of annealed wire

Annealed wire is widely used. Annealed wire has good elasticity and flexibility. It is used more in the construction industry. There are also many types of annealed wire. According to the state, it is divided into hard annealed wire and soft annealed wire.Our company can provide black annealed wire,you can buy it.

black annealed wire

Hard annealed wire: directly drawn from a low carbon steel wire by a wire drawing machine. Specifications are 7#-------16#

Main features: high hardness and bright surface.

Main uses: welding hangers, umbrellas, metal mesh, baskets, baskets and other metal products.

Soft annealed wire: It is formed by low-carbon steel wire after annealing and softening treatment. Specifications are 12#------22#

Main features: good flexibility, slightly higher hardness and bright surface.

Main use: Mainly used for metal mesh weaving process, welded wire mesh, and welding of craft products.

According to different forms, the performance characteristics of the wire will be different, and the annealed wire is the same. The imperfect hardness and different chromaticity will have different performance characteristics.

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