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​Problems to be noted when storing galvanized iron wire

Process galvanized iron wire is one of many kinds of iron wire, and because the process galvanized iron wire has many advantages, it has been recognized by many users and is widely used. In fact, the process galvanized iron wire can be divided into different types of galvanizing, hot-process galvanized iron wire, cold-process galvanized iron wire. Although after galvanizing treatment, a prominent feature of the wire is that it has strong corrosion resistance, but when storing the galvanized iron wire, it still needs special attention to avoid the quality of the process galvanized iron wire due to improper storage. Then what problems should be paid attention to when storing the process galvanized iron wire? The following will briefly introduce this problem.Our company can provide electro galvanized iron wire you can buy it.

electro galvanized iron wire

The process galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity, and the amount of zinc can reach 300 g/m 2 . It has the characteristics of thick galvanized layer and strong corrosion resistance. Process galvanized iron wire products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, galvanized chain link fence, wall cleaning, highway fence, product packaging and daily civil use. Generally, due to the wet weather and high precipitation, the bound wire mesh is prone to oxidative rust. Therefore, we should better store and use the process galvanized iron wire to avoid rust. Regarding the wire mesh, the surface of the wire mesh is adhered with a galvanized layer. If the galvanized layer is too thick, it will not meet the SGS environmental standard; however, if it is too thin, it will easily oxidize with water molecules and rust.

The external environment has a great impact on the preservation of the process galvanized wire mesh. In the rainy season, we need to pay attention to the air humidity of the workshops, warehouses and other departments. It is recommended to use a thermometer. The general book paper has a larger suction humidity. And the PH value is also relatively high, so it is necessary to pay attention to the situation that the wire inside the binding book is rusted. Generally, the wire is stored in a normal environment, and the wire is not corroded for two years, but it needs to be handled. It is necessary to take care of the wire and avoid the winding of the coil to cause the wire to be unsmooth, which will affect the normal production work.

Specification for operation of galvanized iron wire

1. Remove all obstructing tools and stables from the working area and equipment.

2. During pickling, put the wire into the cylinder slowly to prevent acid from splashing on the body. Add acid must be acid slowly into the water, prohibit the water into the acid, acid in case of its liquid spill hurt. Wear protective glasses at work.

3. Handling iron wire and other articles is strictly prohibited.

4. Attention should be paid to the safety of wire collection and operation. If other people do not get the permission of the monitor, they may get on the bus for operation. The thread tray should be placed lightly, piled up firmly and neatly, not higher than 5 discs.

5. Direct contact with acid and alkali is prohibited.

6. Acid mist exceeds national regulation index when, want to take measure to manage in time, prohibit production otherwise.

electro galvanized iron wire

What method does zinc-plated iron wire manufacturer have to zinc-slag treatment?

(1) zinc slag is mainly formed by the reaction of iron, and the largest source of iron in zinc solution is iron powder on the surface of strip steel, to maximize the removal of cleaning effect, thoroughly and cleanly remove debris on the surface of wire.

(2) strictly control the temperature of the zinc pot, do not exceed 4700C, and control the temperature fluctuation of the zinc solution as small as possible.

(3) the temperature at which the wire enters the zinc pot should be strictly controlled. If the wire temperature exceeds 200C or more of zinc liquid, the amount of zinc slag will increase.

(4) strictly control the aluminum content of zinc solution. Aluminum content is too low, will lead to iron wire surface dissolved in zinc solution in the increase of iron, zinc slag total increase, will also make the bottom slag. High aluminum content will reduce the solubility of iron in zinc solution and promote the precipitation of zinc slag. At the same time, aluminum itself is easy to oxidize, forming scum. To reduce the fluctuation of aluminum content in zinc solution, the fluctuation of aluminum content will also promote the production of zinc slag.


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