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Precautions for use of black annealed wire

Annealed wire is a common type of wire.Low carbon steel is produced by cold drawing, heating, constant temperature and heat preservation.Compared with traditional iron wire, annealed iron wire is more flexible and more even in color, so it is applied in chemical industry, mining industry, construction industry and other industries.Our company can provide black annealed wire you can understand.

black annealed wire

The annealed iron wire is rolled into a strip of 5 mm thick, and then placed in a wire drawing device to be drawn into a filament shape, and the pore diameter of the drawing disk is gradually reduced, and cooling, annealing, coating, etc. are processed to prepare each. Annealed wire of different types and wire diameters. The packaging of the wire for binding is a disc type, the diameter of the large disc is generally about 200 ram, and the packaging of the small disc is generally about 130 mm.

When using Annealed iron wire should be noted : 

(1)It is advisable to use a large disc for packaging, because the diameter of the wire disc is large and the curvature is small, which is convenient for conveying during bookbinding; the small disc has small diameter and large curvature, which causes the book to be stapled. The wire is not perpendicular to the book.

(2)The quality requirements of the wire should be: the thickness (wire diameter) is consistent, the surface is smooth, shiny, no burrs, rust, no bending, straightness, good strength and hardness. 

(3)The wire specifications for binding are selected according to the book thickness and paper quality.    

black annealed wire

The black iron wire is a kind of soft iron wire product made by cold drawing, heating, constant temperature, heat preservation and other processes of low carbon steel. The hot metal billet is rolled into 6.5mm thick steel bar, that is, the wire rod, and then put it into the wire drawing device to pull into different diameters of the line, and gradually reduce the diameter of the wire drawing plate.

Widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture, construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, garden protection, food processing and other industries such as reinforcement, protection and insulation.Our company can provide electro galvanized iron wire、elecro galvanized wire binding wire gi wire、raw material of wire nail you can understand.


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