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Electro galvanized wire has the following performance characteristics:

Electro galvanized wire has the following performance characteristics:

1.The galvanized layer is thicker and has better corrosion resistance;

2.The zinc metal used in the coating is relatively pure,The steel substrate can be better maintained in a mist such as an acid or a base;

3.Has a certain decorative property, can be formed into different colors after passivation by chromic acid;

4.The ductility of electric galvanizing wire is very outstanding. Even bending and rolling will not damage the zinc layer.

electro galvanized wire

The difference between galvanizing wire and hot galvanizing wire

Electrogalvanizing wire is used to decompose zinc ingot through electrolyte in electroplating bath. Galvanized iron wire is a kind of grade iron wire, in the manufacturing process and the use of methods and advantages of different places.

The tensile strength of high strength galvanized iron wire is very strong and 3.5 times higher than that of high strength steel wire and steel wire.

Galvanized iron wire has pre-tension, low relaxation value, is a characteristic, good quality of iron wire, can effectively reduce production loss. Galvanized iron wire itself has good stability, long service life, not easy to deform, fracture, good flexibility.

Electric galvanized wire wire is used more widely, it is also because electricity galvanized wire is not easy to rust, long service life and so will be widely used, but in the use of electricity galvanized wire also has a lot of things we need to pay attention to, so as to ensure the using effect, the following tianjin electrogalvanizing factory with us know about the use electric galvanized wire.

1. The diameter of the pull and pull galvanized wire shall not be smaller than 4mm, and the diameter of tied galvanized wire shall not be less than 2.6mm.

2. Electric galvanizing wire shall not be used as underside hoop reinforcement and generally not as integral binding.

electro galvanized wire

3. Do not damage the tianjin electric galvanized wire when twisting.

4. Do not use the operation method of one-time winding of two or more electric galvanizing wires.

Galvanized wire application: the products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, weaving wire mesh, highway protective barrier, product packaging and daily civilian and other fields.

The hardness of galvanized iron wire manufacturer is a common performance index in the mechanical properties of metal materials. Hardness test is a rapid and economical test method. However, there is not a unified and clear definition of the hardness of metal materials at home and abroad, including all test methods. Generally speaking, the hardness of metal is often considered as the resistance of material to plastic deformation, scratch, wear or cutting.


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