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Galvanized silk products are used in mouse breeding

The galvanized wire needs to be cleaned before plating:
Compared with other galvanizing processes, the pre-plating cleaning requirements for the substrate during cyanide galvanizing are low. However, in the current trend of increasing the quality grade of cyanide galvanized layer, some pollutants are introduced into the plating tank. Obviously become harmful. Since cleaning the galvanized layer wastes a lot of time and reduces the yield, it is very important to properly clean the substrate and perform an effective rinsing operation before plating.we are provide electro galvanized iron wire,you can know it.
Defects such as surface layer removal, surface inclusions, etc., which are widely removed from the exterior of the deposited layer, can be found and treated by conventional techniques; excess foam is formed by the incorporation of soap and saponifiable fatty surfactant into the bath. Moderate foam formation rates may be harmless. The large amount of tiny homogenous particles present in the bath stabilizes the foam layer, but the accumulation of excessive solid particles can cause an explosion. Use activated carbon to remove surface active substances. Or the foam is not stable by filtration, which is an effective measure; other measures should be taken to minimize the amount of surfactant introduced. The introduction of organic matter can significantly reduce the plating speed. Although the chemical formulation is advantageous for high deposition speeds, the thickness of the coating cannot be satisfied after the organic matter is taken, so that the activated carbon can be used to treat the bath.
In the process of galvanizing, galvanized wire will inevitably encounter some problems. When these problems arise, how should we solve it? The most important thing is how to prevent this series of problems from arising.
Because the clock's difficult electrode potential is -0.762v, which is more negative than iron, so when the medium is eroded to form a galvanic cell, zinc is the anode. It is itself dissolved to protect the steel matrix. It is precisely because the excellent corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer is low-cost and is widely used for the protection of steel parts.
The duration of the galvanizing protection is highly dependent on the thickness of the coating. Generally speaking, in the relatively dry main gas and indoor use, the thickness of the galvanized layer only needs 6-12μm", and in the harsh environment, the thickness of the galvanized layer needs 20μm. 50 μm". Therefore, the influence of the environment should be considered when selecting the thickness of the galvanized layer.

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