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galvanized wire factory


The galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity, and the amount of zinc on the surface is 25-35 g/m2. It has the characteristics of thick galvanized layer, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and rust resistance.We are galvanized wire factory and the best galvanized wire factory,you can know it.


Each roll weighs about 100 kg-600 kg, and has internal plastic outer and inner plastic outer linen. Of course, it can be customized according to your requirements.


Products are widely used in environmental protection, construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, highway fences, product packaging and daily civilian use.

Over the years, the company has been focusing on career development, responding to national environmental protection policies, introducing new production equipment and establishing corresponding environmental protection facilities, saving energy and reducing emissions, and striving to be more professional and better in its own business areas.

With the tenet of “Baseworthy, Innovative and Far-reaching”, the company adheres to professional ethics and continuously enhances its core competitiveness, which makes the company superior in the fierce market environment.

galvanized wire factory


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