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electric galvanized iron wire

Analysis of the quality difference between cold-galvanized iron wire and hot-dip galvanized iron wire by galvanized wire manufacturers

After the wire is galvanized, it can be used for anti-corrosion to prolong the service life, and the appearance is also beautiful. So what is the difference between the quality of cold-plated and hot-plated products?we are electric galvanized iron wire and the best electric galvanized iron wire,you can know it.

Cold galvanizing: cold galvanizing, also called electro-galvanizing, is the use of electrolysis equipment to remove the oil and acid pickling into the solution of zinc salt, and connected to the negative electrode of the electrolysis equipment, placed on the opposite side of the pipe fittings zinc plate The positive electrode connected to the electrolysis device is powered on, and a layer of zinc is deposited on the pipe member by using the current to move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode. The plated iron wire is more flexible. bright. Evenly. The rust prevention performance is not as high as heat. (low cost)

Electroplating, easy to operate, under normal temperature conditions, using the chemical effect of the current, so that a very thin layer of zinc is closely attached to the plated part, in order to ensure the quality before plating, so that it does not fall off, the plated parts need to be Derusting, polishing, etc.

Hot-dip galvanizing: Galvanizing, also known as hot-dip galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing: is an effective metal anti-corrosion method, mainly used in metal structures in various industries. The rust-removed steel is immersed in a zinc solution melted at about 500 ° C to adhere the zinc layer to the surface of the steel member, thereby preventing corrosion. The amount of zinc on it is high, the hot-dip galvanizing process: finished pickling-washing-assisting plating-drying-hanging-cooling-pharmaceutical-cleaning-grinding-hot galvanizing is completed. (costly).

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electric galvanized iron wire


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