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What are the problems with galvanized iron wire galvanizing?

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The galvanized iron wire manufacturer said that there are solid particles in the plating solution; if the edge and the tip of the part are rough, the current density may be too large; if the galvanized layer is still good, when the light is emitted in 3% nitric acid, there is black on the coating. Shadow, the film layer appears brown when passivated, it may be copper or lead in the galvanizing solution.

Check the temperature and current density first, then analyze and adjust the content of zinc and sodium hydroxide in the plating solution through the plating solution. Whether the DPE content is low or not can be understood by the Hull cell test. If the roughness of the coating is not caused by the above reasons, it may be caused by impurities in the plating solution. A small amount of plating solution may be taken. After filtering, the test is performed, and then a small amount of plating solution is taken. After the zinc powder is treated, the test is performed to check whether the fault is It is caused by solid particles or impurities such as copper and lead. It is easy to find the cause of the failure.

Incomplete degreasing or excessive acid corrosion can cause blistering of the coating. However, the main reason for the easy foaming of such a plating solution is that the adsorption of the organic additive on the crystal plane of the plating layer causes the original crystal or some crystal faces to not grow normally, resulting in the development of a new crystal nucleus or a certain crystal face; or It is the adhesion of the organic additive in the plating layer, hinders the normal alignment of the crystal lattice, causes lattice distortion, thereby increasing the internal stress of the plating layer, resulting in foaming of the plating layer.

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