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What are the operating rules for galvanized iron wire?

The emergence of galvanized iron wire equipment has greatly helped the development of the industry, but what are the operating rules for many people on galvanized iron wire equipment? Not very clear, resulting in frequent incidents of on-site accidents.we can provide electro galvanized iron wire,you can know it.
First of all, when using galvanized iron wire equipment, it must be noted that all the equipment that hinders the work is removed, and no irrelevant things can be stacked on site. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the normal operation of galvanized iron wire equipment. . There are solid particles in the plating solution; if the edge and roughness of the part are serious, the current density may be too large.
Zinc-plated iron wire is galvanized. During the operation, the temperature and current density should be checked first. Then, the plating solution is used to determine and adjust the content of zinc and sodium hydroxide in the plating solution. Whether the DPE content is low or not can be tested by the Hull cell test. To understanding. If the roughness of the coating is not caused by the above reasons, it may be caused by impurities in the plating solution. A small amount of plating solution may be taken. After the filtration, the I test is performed, and then a small amount of the plating solution is taken, and the zinc powder is used for the test.
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