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Production Process and Control of Galvanized Iron Wire Galvanizing

The application of galvanized wire is very extensive, for example, in construction, galvanized wire is usually used for binding. Here is a brief introduction of galvanized wire production process and control. As follows:

1. The stress relief before plating is more than 1 hour for the key parts whose maximum tensile strength is greater than 1034 Mpa, and for the important parts before plating, and for the carburized or surface-hardened parts, it should be more than 5 hours for the stress relief at 200 10 and 140 10.

2. The cleaning agent used for cleaning should have no effect on the adhesion of the coating and no corrosion to the substrate.

3. The acid activating acid activating solution should be able to remove the rust products and oxide film (skin) on the surface of parts without over-corrosion to the matrix.

4. Zinc plating can use zincate or chloride zinc plating processes. Appropriate additives should be used to obtain coatings that meet the requirements of this standard.

5. Light-out treatment should be carried out after light-out plating.we are provide electro galvanized iron wire,you can buy it.

How to Improve the Quality of Galvanized Iron Wire

The disadvantage of hot-dip galvanizing of cold and hard wire in galvanized wire equipment is that the mechanical properties of the wire are poor, that is, the strength and toughness are reduced sharply. Therefore, the quality of galvanized wire is inferior to that of smooth wire. How to improve the quality of galvanized wire?

When galvanized wire is drawn with pre-galvanized wire, there will be no bad mechanical properties. The toughness of the wire is 15 to 25 percent higher than that of the galvanized wire, and in some cases even slightly higher than that of the polished wire.

The strength limit of the wire plated before drawn is higher than that of the wire plated after drawn. The wire plated after zinc is not only tough but also high in strength. All the lower figures in the strength limit of the drawn galvanized wire are due to the zinc quality, because the strength of the zinc technology is several times smaller than that of the wire itself.

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