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Does galvanized wire have low season and high season?

Domestic galvanizing enterprises are mainly concentrated in North China, such as Henan, Hebei and surrounding areas. Most of the galvanizing enterprises are galvanized mesh and galvanized wire. According to the current galvanized wire product market and business conditions, November is the off-season of galvanized wire products sales, there are many reasons for the impact of the peak season, such as environmental protection, temperature, customer sources.We are provide electro galvanized wire and electro galvanized iron wire,you can buy it.

electro galvanized wire

In terms of temperature, winter temperatures are low, many companies are reducing construction, and construction work is gradually decreasing. Therefore, the application demand of galvanized wire products in the construction industry should be greatly reduced. For the supply and demand relationship of the whole industry, The demand for the galvanizing market in this quarter has decreased, and the overall industry has entered the off-season.

From the perspective of environmental protection, the production of galvanized wire industry is mainly facing environmental problems. The country is gradually investing more and more attention to environmental protection and deepening the policy. The galvanized wire enterprises need to produce related products at the same time. Better improve the production and optimization of enterprise products, reduce the discharge of waste waste water, strengthen the recycling of waste, reduce environmental pollution, and will greatly help in the current social support.

It is the problem of corporate customers. Many companies have their own fixed customer base. The main problem now is the reduction of orders. At the end of the traditional peak season, the galvanizing wire industry began to enter the off-season in November, the overall demand decreased, the company's order volume decreased, and the relative production volume of the company began to decrease. Some enterprises will choose intermittent start-up in November and the following off-season sales season. In order to reduce the accumulation of goods, the company's funds are occupied, which affects the later production and sales. In addition to winter production, the impact on employees is also very large. If it is not necessary, it will choose to start production.

However, equipment and processes used for environmental protection need to invest a lot of money. Many galvanized wire enterprises cannot invest a lot of money here, and it is difficult to recover the cost by environmental protection treatment. Therefore, it is produced in the production process of the product. There are many flaws in the disposal of waste, and there are many outstanding problems that cannot be solved.


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