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Demand for barbed wire for galvanized wire mesh construction

Everyone knows the importance of environmental greening nowadays, and the slope protection net has become a widely used net for roadbed spray planting, diamond-shaped mesh, uniform machine, suitable for high and low terrain, flexible and diverse, galvanized wire mesh specifications and models, but According to the needs of our customers, we generally use 2.0mm 5*5cm 2.6mm 5*5cm.
Chain link net, also known as galvanized iron wire protection net,due to regional differences, southerners habits called - barrier grille, northerners habit called - guardrail net. The fence mesh can be divided into two types according to the production characteristics.we are provide electro galvanized iron wire,you can know it.
 One is a welded mesh fence and the other is a chain link fence. Both types of fences are widely used in terms of protection. The welded wire mesh guardrail is made by welding the wire, cold-galvanized iron wire or hot-dip galvanized iron wire after welding, and then processed by bending, spraying or PVC.
 It is corrosion-resistant, beautiful, and useful for protection. The hook flower net guardrail is a wire of various materials through the hook flower net machine, which includes PVC wire, hot and cold galvanized wire and the like. Ticked up. It has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, beautifulness,corrosion resistance and good protection.
Galvanized wire mesh weaving features: safe and convenient, the device is splicing sensitive, easy to construct, the mesh surface is flat, the wire diameter is thick, the tensile strength is strong, there is no loose force, it is not easy to corrode and has a long service life, and the weaving is simple, beautiful and useful.

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