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Galvanized iron wire production control:

1.Washing in the production process, after each process, it is washed twice or more times and ensured to be cleaned.

2.water quality requirements for the preparation of galvanizing, passivation tank water with deionized water or distilled water, other water can use tap water.

3.tank analysis All tanks should be analyzed regularly, and not less than once a week, the record is complete.We are galvanized wire suppliers,you can ask galvanized iron wire price.

4.filter galvanizing should use continuous filtration or regular filtration, regular filtration should not be less than once a month, the record is complete.

5.Production record The processing date, name, figure number, quantity, hydrogen removal temperature and time of the parts shall be recorded during the production process.

6.Inspection of production equipment Before the production of the operator, the relevant production equipment should be inspected for qualified signs or certificates, and 

verified to be used within the validity period. Identification of the damage of galvanized wire quality.

Tensile strength and calculation method of galvanized wire

Wire cross-sectional area = square of diameter *0.7854 mm2 Wire breaking force Newton (N) / cross-sectional area mm2 = strength MPa Edit this paragraph galvanized wire 

enterprise standard galvanized wire enterprise standard galvanized wire enterprise standard galvanized wire enterprise standard, Subject content and scope of application 

Subject content and scope of application Subject content and scope of application Subject matter and scope of application This standard specifies the technical requirements, 

test methods and inspection rules for hot dip galvanizing of steel.

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