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Annealing wire advantages:

The black iron wire has good elasticity and flexibility. It can control its hardness and hardness during the annealing process. It is made of high-quality iron wire and is mainly used for binding wire and binding wire in the construction industry. The wire number mainly has 5#-38# (filament 0.17-4.5mm) which is softer than ordinary black iron wire, more flexible, uniform softness and uniform color.we are black iron cut wire manufacturer and the best black iron cut wire manufacturer,you can know it.

The production of wire and steel wire is generally carried out by wire drawing and galvanizing. In 1976, the Guangzhou galvanized iron wire factory successfully applied the new technology of electrolytic pickling, high pressure washing and card electric drying in the country to successfully produce the continuous drawing wire, which changed the drawing process from intermittent production to continuous production, which reduced the labor intensity. Reduced metal consumption. At that time, the domestic wire factory has been able to produce wire rope, spoke wire, rib wire, spring wire, bicycle saddle spring wire and other products. In the 1980s, hot-dip low-carbon steel wire, fan mesh wire, carbon structural steel wire, and bed steel wire were also introduced.

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black iron cut wire manufacturer


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